Masami Kamigaito was born in 1965 in Nagoya, Japan. He received his BS (1988), MS (1990), and PhD (1993) degrees in polymer chemistry from Kyoto University under the direction of Prof. Toshinobu Higashimura. After conducting postdoctoral research with Prof. Mitsuo Sawamoto, he joined the faculty of Kyoto University in 1995, where he was promoted to associate professor in 1999. In 2003, he moved to Nagoya University as associate professor working with Prof. Yoshio Okamoto and was promoted to professor in 2004. During 1997–1998, he was a visiting scientist at Stanford University working with Prof. Robert M. Waymouth. He is the recipient of the 2001 Arthur K. Doolittle Award of the ACS PMSE Division, the 2009 Wiley Polymer Science Award of the Society of Polymer Science, Japan, and the 2010 Japan IBM Science Award. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) since 2017 and is in the Editorial Board of Polymer Chemistry (RSC) and Prog. Polym. Sci. (Elsevier). His research interests include controlled radical and cationic polymerizations, development of new polymerizations, polymerization of renewable vinyl monomers, and precision polymer synthesis.