The South, authenticity and tradition : A southern town located on a strip of land between the Mediterranean sea and wild ponds, Palavas-les- Flots takes its identity from over three centuries of history. In the 18th century, some fishermen came to live at the foot of the Redoute de Ballestras, there they found shelter and a small company of armed guards watched over the approaches. Thus Palavas was born. On the docks, everyone picks up on the special atmosphere ; that of a traditional village where fishermen, strollers, jousters or musicians take, one after another, centre stage.

Maritime traditions : Here, the warriors of the sea perpetuate the tradition of medieval jousting. A red barge and a blue barge, champions dressed in white and the sound of the oboe, welcome to Languedoc jousting ! We are also much attached to perpetuating the old-style art of sailing. Thus, the “Saint Peter” Catalan barge, which is the Ambassador of the town and participates in every event with old sailing boats.
Long Sandy Beaches : These broad, softly sloping beaches, with fine sand made golden by the sun, offer comfort and safety. For several years, the Palavas beaches have been awarded the Pavillon Bleu, and ecolabel that has major tourist connotations and that is a symbol of exemplary environmental quality.

Water sports : The sea is not just for whiling away the time ; it is also a huge playing field, whether it be in or on the water. Our Languedoc coast enjoys ideal climatic conditions for practicing different types of sailing and surfing. So, do you also feel like enjoying a bit of sport on the sea or on the beach ? …

Your children : Palavas-les-Flots is an excellent resort for families and has been awarded the “Family Plus” label, the only national label that bears witness to the quality of welcome and services adapted to families.

The sea port : Very well equipped for pleasure cruising… it has 1100 spaces adapted to various sizes of boats and welcomes you throughout the year for just a night or a longer stay.

Paul Riquet river harbour : Alongside the river harbour, the only fully equipped stop on the Rhône to Sète canal, can hold up to 15 tourist barges. Five minutes’ walk from the town centre, shops and facilities, 10 minutes’ walk from the beaches, this site is set in a wonderful spot on the banks of the Lez opposite the lagoon.

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