Since 1999, Prof. Filip Du Prez is heading the Polymer Chemistry Research group (PCR) in which currently 25 researchers focus on the development of new polymer structures, exploration of powerful polymer functionalization methods and the design of polymer materials for high-value applications.
The three main PCR research themes are :
1) ‘From polymer functionalization to absolute control’ ; 2) ‘Dynamic and self-healing polymeric materials’ ; 3) ‘Giving renewable polymers function(ality)’.
A couple of actual topics are sequence controlled polymers, vitrimers, novel click chemistries in macromolecular science, functional polymers from renewable resources and self-healing polymers.
This research resulted in more than 200 A1 publications (more than 5300 citations), more than 10 book chapters, 11 patent applications and more than 20 (inter)national awards for the PCR- coworkers in the last 5 years. In 2014, he received the UGent Prometheus research award for several groundbreaking contributions to research in polymer science and for the efforts to give certain research themes visibility in national and international media. He is promotor-coordinator of the UGent Chemtech valorization consortium, including 2 business developers, that takes care of the interface between chemistry research at UGent and the industry. In 2008, he had a Visiting Professor position at the CAMD Research Centre (UNSW, Sydney). In the same year, he became editor of the European Polymer Journal.